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Director of Population Health

RCCHC is seeking highly motivated Director of Population Health. To be considered for employment the following qualifications must be met. The Director of Population Health is responsible for providing the oversight and direction for designing, implementing, and supporting a robust enterprise wide population health management program.

  • Bachelor’s degree in public health or health related field and seven (7) years of experience working in population health or related field required
  • Prefer Master’s degree in public health or health related field and four (4) years of experience working in population health or related field 
  • Knowledge of population health, quality of care concepts and methodologies, as well as concepts of community health and social determinants of health.
  • Experience working in a primary care medical facility preferred
  • Knowledge of Managed Care Organizations preferred
  • Knowledge of clinical guidelines related to PCMH
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook)
  • Effective and excellent verbal and written communication skills, effective interpersonal and leadership skills, ability to analyze clinical data, ability to prepare written reports, presentations, meeting facilitation and reports
  • Must be able to work independently, exercise appropriate decision making skills, and function effectively on a team. Bi-lingual applicants preferred. 

Full Time Employees receive health, life, and long term disability insurance coverage, as well as PTO. Other benefits such as supplemental insurance are available to all full time employees. Salary based on experience.

Applications can be downloaded from our website Applications may be returned to Human Resources at, or mailed to RCCHC 120 Health Center Drive, Ahoskie NC 27910.

Chief Medical Officer: (1 Full -Time Vacancy) 

The Chief Medical Director is a strategic leader creating a plan for aligning people, processes and values that support and further the organization’s mission. Under the administration of the Chief Executive Officer, the CMO is responsible for Roanoke Chowan Community Health Centers’ compliance with all clinical medical policies, directives, rules, regulations and clinical performance standards of the state, the federal government, and accrediting bodies and serve as the organizations ultimate authority on medical issues. The CMO scopes of responsibilities include population community health, behavior health and integrated care for the underserved communities.  The CMO will model behaviors consistent with the published values and the Code of Conduct of RCCHC.

RCCHC is seeking highly motivated experienced executive to join our team. To be considered for employment the following qualifications must be met. 

  • Full licensure to practice as a medical doctor in the State of North Carolina required
  • Six years of experience in a clinical, academic or administrative capacity required
  • Must have a strong community health/public health orientation, be experienced in patient care management
  • Current DEA and BLS certification
  • Work experience in a primary care setting with Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric patients
  • Management experience and proficiencies in a clinical setting
  • Must be able to use protocols, guidelines and benchmarks to implement policies and develop quality improvements while utilizing best practices
  • Excellent organizational skills, leadership skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency using EHRs systems and other computer programs
  • Full knowledge of the nineteen requirements of FQHCs 
  • Must be able to effectively handle multiple tasks and priorities in order to meet deadlines

Full Time Employees receive health, life, and long term disability insurance coverage, as well as PTO. Other benefits such as supplemental insurance are available to all full time employees. Salary based on experience.

Applications can be downloaded from our website Applications may be returned to Human Resources at, or mailed to RCCHC 120 Health Center Drive, Ahoskie NC 27910.

Click on the link below for our May Newsletter.  

Chief Administrative Officer: (1 Full -Time Vacancy)

The Chief Administrative Officer will be a part of the executive team reporting directly to the CEO. The work will be a critical factor in the overall performance of the organization. Assume responsibility for preparation of compliance, quality, maintenance of strategic goals/objectives and the business plan. Will ensure HRSA regulations as it relates to FQHCs. Collaborating with colleagues and medical staff to implement policies and develop quality improvements. Ensure the smooth running of business according to established policies and mission. Moreover, ensures that the departments are managed in a fashion that optimizes financial and organizational results. The Chief Administrative Officer will model behaviors consistent with the published values and the Code of Conduct of RCCHC.

RCCHC is seeking highly motivated experienced executive to join our team. To be considered for employment the following qualifications must be met.

  •   Bachelor Degree required in Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Public Administration preferred or other related disciplines, Master preferred

  •   Must have seven to ten years in healthcare administration at an executive-level position preferred.

  •   Executive leadership in community health centers, hospitals, governmental or clinics that has managed

    daily administrative and regulatory operations

  •   Proficiencies in operations management and administration skills

  •   Must have full knowledge in the FQHCs nineteen key health centers program requirements

  •   Requires excellent organizational, leadership skills, excellent oral and written communication skills

  •   High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency for RCCHC’s mission

  •   Experienced strategic and succession planner as related to the organizational needs

  •   Must also have knowledge in computer programs and databases

    Full Time Employees receive health, life, and long term disability insurance coverage, as well as PTO. Other benefits such as supplemental insurance are available to all full time employees.

    Salary based on experience.

    Applications can be downloaded from our website
    Applications may be returned to Human Resources at, or mailed to RCCHC 120 Health Center Drive, Ahoskie NC 27910. 

Click the link below to view our April 2017 Newsletter. 

Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center is joining other health centers and the North Carolina Community Health Center Association in supporting a bill that will positively impact the area’s uninsured working poor.  House Bill 662, Carolina Cares, is a common-sense conservative approach to covering the uninsured. This bill, introduced by Representatives Lambeth, Murphy, Dobson, and White empowers patients to access affordable, high quality, and innovative primary and preventive care. 

Carolina Cares (HB 662)

• Would allow 300,000+ working people in the coverage gap to gain affordable coverage.
• Empowers patients by encouraging participation in preventive care and wellness programs. 
• Will not cost the state anything, as it will receive funding through (a) federal match, (b) participant contributions, and (c) state assessments, including hospital assessment.

•Encourages strategies developed in the Healthy Indiana plan established by Vice President Mike Pence.

Good for a Growing Economy
Though North Carolina’s economy is growing, that growth is across many sectors including low-wage service jobs and those in the gig economy. People in these jobs do not have the opportunity for coverage. North Carolina should offer its residents, new and old, affordable, reliable access to regular primary and preventive care, so that we can keep the economy growing sustainably. HB 662's work requirements need to include provisions that do not exclude people in the event of an economic downtown or when employment is scarce. 

Community Health Centers are Uniquely positioned to be essential Carolina Cares providers

• Community Health Centers help with access to high quality care: NC CHCs already serve people regardless of their insurance status. Currently, we serve approximately 200,000 uninsured patients statewide. 
• CHCs provide stability and continuity of care: patients will have a consistent medical home in the face of federal uncertainty around healthcare. When currently uninsured CHC patients gain access to coverage, it will enable health centers and other safety net providers to hire new staff, extend hours, offer new services, and utilize care teams to provide cost-effective, quality care. 
• Primary care can decrease costs: Carolina Cares emphasizes strong preventive and primary care services and reducing the need for urgent and emergency care. Community Health Centers are effective in lowering total patient costs because we provide comprehensive primary care and treat patient needs beyond medical care – including providing dental, pharmacy, transportation, interpretation, and other enabling services. 
• Statewide, locally-governed health centers are ready to serve. CHC sites are located in 82 North Carolina counties and serve patients from all NC counties.


The Rocky Hock Lions Club has taken up the cause of helping Kecia Phelps get a lifesaving kidney transplant.

Phelps, who works at the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library and previously waited tables at the Nothin' Fancy Cafe and Market, found out about a year and a half ago that her kidneys were not functioning. A biopsy was performed and she learned that she has a rare form of kidney disease in which the kidneys' follicles have died.

Doctors are not sure how long she has had the condition and don't know what caused it.

Phelps is participating in a research project to help doctors figure out what causes the disease.

She is now at only 8 percent kidney function but she's still getting up and going to work. In the meantime she waits for a kidney transplant.

“I'm determined that I'm going to get a kidney,” Phelps told the club during its meeting Thursday. “Somebody out there is going to give me a kidney and I am going to be a survivor.”

To that end, Phelps is working to get the word out to people to register as organ donors when they go to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles Driver License Office. She also plans to speak at area churches about organ donation.

You can register as an organ donor at the DMV Driver License Office. You also can register by going online to

Joining the donor registry means that you have made a legal decision to become a donor at the time of your death. If you are 18 years old or older the decision cannot be overturned by others, according to information provided by Carolina Donor Services.

Phelps said that right now in the back of her SUV she keeps a bag at all times in case she gets the call that a kidney is available for her. She has two people who have agreed to accompany her to the transplant center when she gets that call. They are on 12-hour shifts every day.

Phelps keeps waiting for that phone call.

“But it's coming,” she said.

Dwain Cooper of Carolina Donor Services also spoke to the club. He explained that Carolina Donor Services provides organ donation services in 77 counties in North Carolina, including Danville, Va.

Cooper said more than 120,000 people in the United States – including more than 3,000 in North Carolina – are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. The most-needed organ, he said, is the kidney.

There is a widespread misunderstanding, Cooper said, that organ and tissue donors cannot have an open casket at their funeral. Organ and tissue donation does not keep you from having an open casket, he said.

North Carolina has the sixth largest organ donor registry in the country, with about 52 percent registration, Cooper said.

“North Carolinians are saying 'yes' to donation,” Cooper said.

But organ donation is not as common among African-Americans, he said. The lower donation rate is due partly to “medical distrust,” he said.

“We're trying to change that,” Cooper said of the lower donation rate in the African-American community.

As an organ donor you can save up to eight lives and through tissue donation you can enhance the lives of up to 50 people, Cooper said.

For organ donor families and organ recipients who wish to meet each other, Carolina Donor Services helps make that happen.

“We do facilitate that entire process of meet and greet,” Cooper said.

Although there is a rigorous process you go through if you wish to be a living donor – that is, donate one of your kidneys while you're still alive – it is possible to live a healthy and full life with one kidney if you do choose to go that route and are accepted for that lifesaving donation.

Reggie Ponder, editor of the Chowan Herald, spoke to the club about his own life with one kidney since age 15. Ponder's left kidney, which had been defective from birth, was surgically removed in 1979.

Ponder noted he had been able to live a full life with only one kidney, including open water swims across the Potomac, Neuse and Pasquotank rivers.

He said the main thing he had avoided because of having only one kidney was anything with a high risk of an impact injury to his kidney. For instance, he gave up waterskiing and never took up snow skiing.

Cooper emphasized that living donors are screened very carefully to make sure the person understands all the ramifications of the decision they are making.

Guy Simmons, president of the Rocky Hock Lions Club, pledged the club's support in finding a donor for Phelps. He told Phelps the group would “turn over every stone” in seeking a donor for her.

Phelps said she has faith that a kidney will become available for her.

“Somebody down the line is going to say, 'I am going to try to be help for her,'” Phelps said.

More information about organ donation is available online at or, or by calling 1-800-200-2672. 


As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center’s mission is not only to affect positive health outcomes for patients, but also positive change in the community. That community focus is represented in the Literacy Initiative, formed to promote increased literacy for all ages in RCCHC’s service area of Hertford, Bertie, Gates, Northampton and Washington counties. The Literacy Initiative has so far been responsible for projects like implementing the Reach Out and Read program, which provides children ages 6 months to 5 years with a free book during their yearly wellness check at RCCHC; establishing Little Free Libraries, built by local Eagle Scout Daniel Lane, in its Ahoskie, Murfreesboro and Colerain clinics, as well as hosting story hours and children’s activities with Everest and Gigi the Therapy Reading Dogs.

Now, the RCCHC Literacy Initiative is happy to announce its recent partnership with the Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library in Murfreesboro, NC. Both are working together to cultivate a love of reading in RCCHC patients and library patrons alike, through expanding the reach of their programs and events that address health and literacy promotion – and just having a good time! 

And a great time was had by all at two recent Story Hours organized by the library and RCCHC:

The Black History Month Story Hour was held on Feb. 20th, also in partnership with Taylor Made Publishing, Hertford-Northampton Daycare Association, Choanoke Area Development Association (CADA), and the National Association of University Women’s Northampton County Branch. The event featured a reading by author G. Todd Taylor of his books, “Daddy, Who Will I Be?”, “Daddy’s Little Princess” and “I Don’t See Color”. Taylor Made Publishing generously donated a book to each child who attended to begin their own culturally diverse collection, as well as four autographed books to the Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library for all of its patrons to enjoy. 30 parents and 45 children attended, making it an awesome family night and true cultural experience for all.

A celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday was held on Mar. 2nd with a special reading of “The Cat and the Hat Comes Back” by the Cat in the Hat himself and his friend Cindy-Lou Who. The 40 Children and parents who attended had a great night of fun with reading, refreshments - including a special birthday cake for Dr. Seuss - and Dr. Seuss themed crafts.

Be on the lookout for more partnered events like these between RCCHC and the Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library. In the meantime, check out what programs both sites have available right now online:


Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library -

The National Association of Community Health Centers has awarded RCCHC "Advocacy Center of Excellence" status!


This means that RCCHC is one of the health centers leading the way in advocating for high quality, affordable, comprehensive healthcare that's available to every member of our community.


RCCHC's culture of advocacy means everyone, from our board, to administration, to staff , makes this mission a priority.  Take a look through our Facebook page or at to see what advocacy work we've done recently - like visiting elected officials in Raleigh to ask for continued funding to serve our patients through our ACC Saturday Clinics and medication assistance program, or the Story Hours hosted by our community focused Literacy Initiative.


We invite you to join our mission by becoming an advocate for Community Health Centers like RCCHC at:


NC Community Health Center Association


National Association of Community Health Centers


Thank you for your support!

RCCHC collaborated with Martin, Tyrell, Washington District Health Department for an Outreach Event on January 12 entitled "Getting Healthy in the New Year", in Columbia NC.  Participants were encouraged to add the following healthy resolutions to their annual list.  

  • Getting vaccinated. The best way to prevent the flu and many other diseases is to get vaccinated. 
  • Visiting your primary care provider. Make an appointment with your primary care provider for a check-up, vaccination, or routine screening. Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They can also help find problems early, when your chances for full recovery are better.
  • Making healthy food choices. Your healthy eating plan should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Your diet should be low in saturated fats, transfats, cholesterol, salt, and added sugars. If you are pregnant or the mother of an infant or young child, you may qualify for WIC benefits to cover the cost of healthy foods.
  • Being active. If losing weight is on your New Year's resolution list, it's vital to monitor not just your diet, but also your activity. Winter's limited daylight and cold temperatures mean many people are less active. Regular exercise is best for your health, but even minor changes can make a significant difference, like taking brisk walks, using the stairs instead of elevators when possible, and parking in distant spots in parking lots.
  • Getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following sleep guidelines: newborns – 16-18 hours; preschool-aged children – 11-12 hours; school-aged children – at least 10 hours; teens – 9-10 hours; and all adults – minimum of 7-8 hours.
  • Prioritizing overall wellness in your life. Start 2017 off on the right foot by making your health a priority. This can include: quitting smoking (1-800-QUIT-NOW).  

Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center offers a variety of ways to help you accomplish your goals this year. 

(Pictured:  Erin Storie and Erielle Cooper)

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